A Beautiful Caprifolium Lonicera Photo: Jan Bjerring
A Beautiful Caprifolium Lonicera                  Photo: Jan Bjerring

Our Caprifolium or Honeysuckle from Garden Pride to Menace.

We took great pride in our Caprifolium. It had been planted on both sides of a garden portal and in under two years, had it covered to the top. They grew willingly and quickly, demanded little attention and were overall a great contribution. Nothing seemed to stop it and it flowered all summer the second year.

The Portal quickly became the pride of our garden. It was so beautiful that our neighbours daughter declared that she wanted her wedding pictures taken under it. These plants fullfilled everything we had planned for them, and everone was happy.


Lonicera Caprifolium as it should be Photo: Jan Bjerring
Lonicera Caprifolium as it should be Photo: Jan Bjerring


But then disaster struck:

The flowering was abundant and it impressed everyone who visited. But, as we say in Norway:»How long did Adam remain in paradise?»

Both plants started showing signs of wilting, the leaves got little black stains and in a matter of days it became clear that they had to be cut down.

Wilting Caprifolium Photo: Jan Bjerring
The wilting and destruction soon became apperant     Photo: Jan Bjerring

We tried to grow the same plants from scratch again but the stains and the wilting soon returned.

Since then no Caprifolium has been successfully grown in our garden.

We have tried to identify the perpetraitor with no success. Hopefully we shall find out some day and regrow the portal but in the meantime the neighbours daughter will have to postpone her wedding.

We were very happy with our portal and the way its flowering. Now we have planted climbing roses there as a sustitute. Hopefully they will in due time fill this vacancy.



If anyone has hasd similar problems with these plants and has identified the culprit your information would be highly appreciated.


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