Wintertime – Waiting for Spring

Vinter i Hagen Photo: Jan Bjerring

We are in the middle of Wintertime – Waiting for Spring, a Spring which seems so far, far away. Nature has donned it’s winter garment and everything seems frozen in time. Can, or will everything underneath survive? What will return and what will not and in what condition?   Never cut a tree down in the […]

Caprifolium Lonicera – from Health to Self-Destruct

Lonicera Caprifolium as it should be Photo: Jan Bjerring

Our Caprifolium or Honeysuckle from Garden Pride to Menace. We took great pride in our Caprifolium. It had been planted on both sides of a garden portal and in under two years, had it covered to the top. They grew willingly and quickly, demanded little attention and were overall a great contribution. Nothing seemed to […]

How to grow the Japanese Anemone

Japonese Anemone Photo: Jan Bjerring

  A quick guide on how to grow Japanese Anemone.   Few plants can send up a succession of flowers from August until late October and look elegant at every stage, whether tight bud, long-lasting flower or neatly spherical seed head. But the Japanese Anemone manages it perfectly.   This distinctive plant reaches 90cm (3ft) […]

Lavender – a very positive contribution

Lavender - The Garden Fragrance. Photo: Jan Bjerring

The Lavender is, in addition to its lilac beauty, one of the main contributors to the fragrance of our garden. As long as we don’t overdo the watering they will be flowering all summer and long into the autumn. They are of the least demanding plant we have. Contrary to advise found on the net, […]

It’s a long Winter, but it’s not Eternal

Vintertid og Vinterstemning Photo: Jan Bjerring

Our long winter are cold and daylight is sparse. But Norwegians are strong and we can take whatever winter throws at us, because we know that spring is just around the next corner. Eventually, warmer times are coming. That’s my favourite time of the year. The snow melts and water starts dripping from the roofs. […]

Winter!!! It shouldn’t look like this!

The so-called Winter of 2016

Norway is a winter Country. There should be winter, sunshine, blue skies and snow, lots of snow. Instead all we have is black frost, and all we have is a hazy frozen sky. The garden is without its protective blanket of snow. What will the concequences be? Will there be any flowers at all when spring […]

Refreshing Another Part of the Garden

Firkanten før vi setter igang. Foto: Jan Bjerring

In a Garden like ours there is always a need for renewal. This is from a corner of the garden that hasn’t received too much attention over the past few year. It was time to go to work. There is always a tingle of excitement when we start on a new project. The road builds […]

A Collection of Garden Images

Hagearbeid gir avkastning

A Collection of Garden Images The Garden has many aspects. Here are some pictures that shows those variations from winter, through spring and summer to Autumn. They are all shot in our personal and private garden on the outskirts of Oslo. Norway. Any copying or commercial use of them are prohibited without prior consent.

Autumn is here

Apple ready for harvest

Finally Autums has arrived and the Garden is settling down for winter. Still it has beauty to reveal.


Apple Blossoms

Spring at last…….. The rebirth of our sleeping beauty. This is the time we’ve been waiting for all through the long, cold Norwegian winter. Even if this is the season for sore knees and aching backs there is the sense of awakening, the exhilerating sensation of the newborne…….