Caprifolium Lonicera – from Health to Self-Destruct

Lonicera Caprifolium as it should be Photo: Jan Bjerring

Our Caprifolium or Honeysuckle from Garden Pride to Menace. We took great pride in our Caprifolium. It had been planted on both sides of a garden portal and in under two years, had it covered to the top. They grew willingly and quickly, demanded little attention and were overall a great contribution. Nothing seemed to […]

How to grow the Japanese Anemone

Japonese Anemone Photo: Jan Bjerring

  A quick guide on how to grow Japanese Anemone.   Few plants can send up a succession of flowers from August until late October and look elegant at every stage, whether tight bud, long-lasting flower or neatly spherical seed head. But the Japanese Anemone manages it perfectly.   This distinctive plant reaches 90cm (3ft) […]

Lavender – a very positive contribution

Lavender - The Garden Fragrance. Photo: Jan Bjerring

The Lavender is, in addition to its lilac beauty, one of the main contributors to the fragrance of our garden. As long as we don’t overdo the watering they will be flowering all summer and long into the autumn. They are of the least demanding plant we have. Contrary to advise found on the net, […]

Meconopsis -or Blue Poppie

  Meconopsis have the reputation for being not the easiest of plants to grow. In large measure this is true for gardeners who live in climates less than ideal for these plants. Even in optimum climates their requirements need to be understood for good results. They thrive best where it is cool and moist, such […]