Our long winter are cold and daylight is sparse. But Norwegians are strong and we can take whatever winter throws at us, because we know that spring is just around the next corner.

Long Cold Winter or Wintermoods Photo: Jan Bjerring
Wintermoods Photo: Jan Bjerring

Eventually, warmer times are coming. That’s my favourite time of the year. The snow melts and water starts dripping from the roofs. Nature is waking up again after its long hibernation. That’s the time that we love.

The skies turn a sharp blue and the sun melts frozen hearts and souls. The sap rises in all sorts of trunks and trees.

And the flowers…! The flowers bursts into bloom, eager to perform.

Apple Blossoms Photo: Jan Bjerring
Apple Blossoms Photo: Jan Bjerring

Just a few momnths from now the whole Garden will be bursting with flower in all possible shades.

I am so looking forward to it!

Perhaps the long winter has its place after all? It provides ample time to build expectations  and makes the advent of spring even sweeter.



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