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Hagen er vårt private Eden – Her finner vi ro, her finner vi glede, her finner vi overskudd.

Langsomt formes den etter våre ønsker.


Hvis du har en hage og et bibliotek, har du alt du trenger.

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Alan Titschmarsh

Alan Titchmarsh Rose Foto: Jan Bjerring
Alan Titschmarsh/David Austin Rose

Alan Titschmarsh og "Love Your Garden"

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Nettbutikk og Ispirasjonskilde

Blomsterhagen på Abilsø

Lavender – a very positive contribution

Lavender - The Garden Fragrance. Photo: Jan Bjerring
Lavender – The Garden Fragrance. Photo: Jan Bjerring

The Lavender is, in addition to its lilac beauty, one of the main contributors to the fragrance of our garden. As long as we don’t overdo the watering they will be flowering all summer and long into the autumn. They are of the least demanding plant we have.

Contrary to advise found on the net, we prune them down to about ten centimeters every spring and the grow more than willingly to full size before midsummer.

Just swipe your hand across them and they give off the most lovely fragrance imagined.

Originally we were taught not to cut them down but to let them regrow themselves each year.  This is however an advice we have not followed. Each spring we cut them way back and they return both denser and more lush.

We have even cut them down in mid seasonwith great success; They’ve set new flowers and added even more to the garden.

We use them for filling gaps between other plants as well as to form their own separate areas. All in all, Lavender is a very useful contributor in our garden.

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