Meconopsis or Blue Poppie
Meconopsis or Blue Poppie Photo: Jan Bjerring


Meconopsis have the reputation for being not the easiest of plants to grow. In large measure this is true for gardeners who live in climates less than ideal for these plants. Even in optimum climates their requirements need to be understood for good results. They thrive best where it is cool and moist, such as in Scotland, Ireland, coastal British Columbia, Alaska and the north of Norway, but success can be achieved in warmer and drier climates.

The popular name «Himalayan blue poppies» is usually applied to Meconopsis which grow quite tall (1-1.5m) and most have beautiful blue flowers. Given suitable conditions and care in cultivation, they should persist and flower year after year. However, in less than ideal conditions, they may prove to be short-lived perennials or in the case of the fertile forms, even monocarpic (i.e. flower and set seed only once before dying).


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