Vår Hage - Vår Verden

Blå Valmuesøster

Hagen er vårt private Eden – Her finner vi ro, her finner vi glede, her finner vi overskudd.

Langsomt formes den etter våre ønsker.


Hvis du har en hage og et bibliotek, har du alt du trenger.

Inspiratorer og venner

Alan Titschmarsh

Alan Titchmarsh Rose Foto: Jan Bjerring
Alan Titschmarsh/David Austin Rose

Alan Titschmarsh og "Love Your Garden"

Garden Living

Nettbutikk og Ispirasjonskilde

Blomsterhagen på Abilsø

Refreshing Another Part of the Garden

In a Garden like ours there is always a need for renewal.

This is from a corner of the garden that hasn’t received too much attention over the past few year. It was time to go to work. There is always a tingle of excitement when we start on a new project. The road builds up as we go and you never know where it will lead. This specific area is close to the house and partly in direct sunlight and partly in the shade. This provides us with a challenge but in the end we were rather pleased with the result.

Remaking a Corner of the Garden
Remaking a Corner of the Garden                        Photo: Jan Bjerring

This area had been neglected for a long time, too long time. First we dug it all out, then we started remaking it.

First we mage borders with imprgnated planks and lined them with concrete bricks. Then we filled up the beds with with soil, levelled the area where the grass would be and started planting.

The Finishing Touches
The Finishing Touches                                                Photo: Jan Bjerring
Levelling                                                         Photo: Jan Bjerring
Planting Flowers
Planting Flowers                                                        Photo: Jan Bjerring

One of the main items we planted was Lamprocapnos (Dicentra spectabilis) also called Bleeding Hearts or Asian Bleeding Hearts. They did start out well but we soon discovered that they had a tendency of taking over the whole bed and since they bloom quite early they left us with just slim green leaves for much of summer.

Planting BlackCurrants
Planting BlackCurrants                                                Photo: Jan Bjerring

Along the wall facing the street we planted 4 blaclcurrant bushes which was a happy decission as they  fairly soon covers the patch from insight and bore an ample harvest.

The Final Result
The Final Result                                                  Photo: Jan Bjerring

We were happy to see that our ideas and plans had produced a result very close to what we expected.

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