Vår Hage - Vår Verden

Blå Valmuesøster

Hagen er vårt private Eden – Her finner vi ro, her finner vi glede, her finner vi overskudd.

Langsomt formes den etter våre ønsker.


Hvis du har en hage og et bibliotek, har du alt du trenger.

Inspiratorer og venner

Alan Titschmarsh

Alan Titchmarsh Rose Foto: Jan Bjerring
Alan Titschmarsh/David Austin Rose

Alan Titschmarsh og "Love Your Garden"

Garden Living

Nettbutikk og Ispirasjonskilde

Blomsterhagen på Abilsø

Winter!!! It shouldn’t look like this!

Norway is a winter Country.

There should be winter, sunshine, blue skies and snow, lots of snow.

Instead all we have is black frost, and all we have is a hazy frozen sky. The garden is without its protective blanket of snow. What will the concequences be? Will there be any flowers at all when spring comes or will they all have died?

I am not a great fan of the cold season and variation in seasonal activities, but now I am missing the snow.

 The so-called Winter of 2016

The so-called Winter of 2016 Photo: Jan Bjerring

Winter ought to Winter:

There is definitely a frozen beauty of the Norwegian nature at this time of year. The Garden is resting under a soft, white blanket. It is hibernating and building itself up for the next spring.

This is what WInter should look like. Photo: Jan Bjerring
This is what it should look like. Photo: Jan Bjerring

Something is definitely happening to the climate, maybe it is just cyclic variations but something has changed over the past few years.

We are of course in the realm of maybes but it still is a bit alarming.

Having reached the age of plenty, I fear these changes not so much for myself as for my children and grandchildren.




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